Unlock Workflow

Let us help you use the resources you already have.


A one-hour diagnostic workshop designed to help your team assess current workflows, identify opportunities, and plan your first steps toward improvement. Get in touch, pick a date, and we’ll see you soon.


If you can see it, you can fix it! This two-hour workshop is a great way to resolve those situations where everyone has a different version of what’s happening, establish a shared understanding of an existing workflow, or check the progress of a workflow improvement project. You schedule the time and we’ll facilitate.


Or replace it, if that’s what the situation calls for… This series of workshops allows your team to visualize, (re-)engineer, and deploy its (new) workflow in anywhere from half a day to a week depending on size and complexity. You make team members available and we’ll guide them through the process.


Side step the need to make busy people come together in a room. One-on-one meetings and small-group check-ins allow PurpleGray to evaluate workflow(s) on your behalf then help team members see the big picture and create as well as implement solutions across silos, remote locations, or shifts. You work with us to determine length of engagement, and we’ll take it from there.


Enable your transition from old to new. Tapered engagements lasting six months to a year bring us in to spearhead, diagnose, visualize, workshop, and fix your workflow situation in collaboration with your team, then progressively hand off leadership responsibility as new skills and mindsets are acquired. The project ends with the new workflow(s) managed entirely by your original team. You tell us what you need and we’ll get you there.