About PurpleGray

We believe that every workflow has untapped potential.


PurpleGray finds possibility in process. We help publishers, brands, and content creators re-imagine workflow as an engine of growth, then guide the transformation that results. We leverage existing resources, introduce positive change, refocus jobs rather than cut them, and leave teams energized, empowered, and eager to grow.

Kilian is a true workflow and process savant and a wonderful group facilitator. Time and time again I watched as he helped give teams the tools and guidance to solve their own problems. He’s also an energetic and passionate devotee of Continuous Improvement and brings a great, positive vibe to every engagement he’s involved in.
— Ben Berentson, Vogue.com


PurpleGray has helped clients define and implement the culture change needed to compete in a mobile world, launch new digital products, and find room in the day to create podcasts, expand into radio, and add video channels. We have also worked with magazines to overhaul editorial and marketing workflows, accelerate content delivery, redesign websites and print editions, build digital archives, increase editorial web team output, move from a subscription to a membership model, restructure contributor contracts,and boost online traffic. On one memorable occasion, a client was even able to save more than two million dollars (in an hour) simply by mapping their process.

Kilian makes editorial dreams reality.
— Pam McCarthy, The New Yorker


We do not accept referral fees from vendors; we do draw on a combined 40+ years of publishing industry experience. We believe that the people who do the work know it best, and our methods are shaped by our deep commitment to staff development, our appreciation for the power of Continuous Improvement, and our awareness that fear blocks innovation. Lean thinking and the principles of improvisational theatre round out our approach.

We have learned how to change ourselves.
That might be the most lasting thing.
— Sam Sawyer, America Media


Our workflow specialist Kilian Schalk is available to speak at industry events. He particularly loves to present workshops and interactive case studies.

Your session was beyond fantastic; everyone loved it!
— Amy Kawula, Catholic Press Association