Put Content First

Seven Steps to Spark Transformation

Assuming between five and twenty participants, this program requires a time commitment of one day, five days, and follow-up time. It can be adapted to suit teams with more or fewer people.


1. What needs to change and why?
Leadership confirms purpose, develops scope, and shares both with the team. One-on-one meetings with team members gather input and get everyone acquainted.


2. What is happening now?
The team develops a shared, step-by-step visual understanding of the current content workflow and identifies obstacles to improving it.


3. What could be happening?
The team uses this new understanding to develop a new content workflow, then walks through every step and records expectations.


4. Does it work?
The team uses the new workflow to create a single article, deliver it to readers, and gather performance data.


5. What did we learn?
The team compares expectations and results then decides what to adjust in a second round.


6. How does this scale?
The team creates a plan to phase in the new workflow until it creates all content and determines what needs to be done by the first check-in.


7. Are we on target?
The team checks in remotely once a week to share progress, surface problems, and decide how to adjust. Brief monthly one-on-one meetings in person continue until the new workflow is up and running everywhere it’s needed.