About Us

PurpleGray guides content creators as they adapt to the digital space. Our founder Kilian Schalk works directly with each client to identify and leverage opportunity within existing workflows, and we leave teams energized, focused, and motivated.

Kilian is a true workflow and process savant and a wonderful group facilitator. Time and time again I watched as he helped give teams the tools and guidance to solve their own problems. He’s also an energetic and passionate devotee of Continuous Improvement and brings a great, positive vibe to every engagement he’s involved in.
— Ben Berentson, Vogue.com

We have worked with clients to define and implement the culture change needed to compete in a mobile world, use Lean thinking to create new digital products, and reinvent as well as streamline RFP vendor selection. Magazine clients have rebuilt editorial and marketing workflows, redesigned websites and print editions, built digital archives, moved from a subscription to a membership model, and restructured contributor contracts. 

Kilian makes editorial dreams reality.
— Pam McCarthy, The New Yorker

Our deep commitment to staff development and Continuous Improvement, as well as our appreciation for how fear blocks innovation, flows from 20+ years of working with, among others, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Condé Nast, Time Inc. and America Media.

Now we not only know how to do the work, we have learned how to change ourselves. That might be the most lasting thing.
— Sam Sawyer, America Media